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Goodland Explorations
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Goodland Explorations | Architecture

Coffee Mill Row

When Rock Island Railroad made Goodland into a sectional headquarters, railroad workers poured in. They needed housing and Coffee Mill Row, named for the coffee grinders the houses resembled, was born.

Ennis-Handy House

Mary Ennis built this Queen Anne mansion in 1907 for $5,000. The grand lady has lived through a period as a boarding house and a funeral home between periods as a private home. The Sherman County Historical Society purchased it in 2001 and it is now open for tours.

Goodland High School

Goodland High School was built in 1937 as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project to put people to work.

Goodland Post Office

Goodland's Post Office changed names and locations before settling into the current office, which was built by the New Deal's Works Progress Administration.

One small step toward equal rights for women

Goodland took a small step in the fight for voting rights in a 1909 special election.

Sherman County Courthouse

The original Sherman County Courthouse was torn down in 1931 to make way for an Art Deco gem.

Sherman County District Court

Sherman County's District Courtroom is an Art Deco treasure.

The itinerant bell

The bell at Sherman County Courthouse's entrance traveled from the old Central School to Topeka and back to the courthouse lawn.

The preserved hangar

The barrel hangar at Goodland's Renner Field was built by the Works Progress Administration and helped train World War II glider pilots. It was saved from destruction by two sisters who had lived there.

The Sherman Theatre

The Sherman Theatre has served Sherman County since 1926, surviving a fire and spanning many technological changes.

United Telephone Building

Built in 1931, the United Telephone Building is a prime example of Art Deco architecture.
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