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Twin Mounds

Address: 22 Road & T Road
Plainville, KS 67663
Telephone Number: 785.425.6881
Second Telephone Number: 785.203.0017

About this Exploration:

The Twin Mounds are located north and east of Plainville.  In an area that is made up of gently rolling hills, these two mounds stand out as beacons over the surrounding area.  Legend has it that the hills were used as lookout points by the Native Americans before white settlement began in earnest in the 1800's. 
To get to the Twin Mounds, from Plainville travel  4 miles east on Kansas Highway 18 to 22 Road, and then 4 miles north to T Road.  The Mounds are located on private property, so permission would be required from the landowner if you wish to climb to the top.   The owner of the property lives near the foot of the Mounds.     
Helena Hrabe wrote a column for many years for the Plainville Times called the "Twin Mounds News" that featured a custom of so many small rural papers, which is to tell what everyone in the area did over the past week--who they visited, who had company, etc.  Knowing what your neighbors were up to was literally everybody's business.
Another Explorer site near the Twin Mounds is the Twin Mounds Cemetery located just to the south and west of the Mounds on 21 Road.   Some early graves can be traced back to the Civil War.

contact info
Roger Hrabe
115 N. Walnut
Stockton, KS 67669
Phone: 785.425.6881
Fax: 785.425.6881
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