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Thanks for telling us how to pronounce "pick-way."
Kathy Kajinami
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The Green Door

Address: 112 W. 2nd. St.
Piqua, KS 66761
Telephone Number: 620.468.2132

About this Exploration:

The Green Door has actually become something of a joke in among the Silverado crew! Silverado's had a door that was …well, let's just say it was less than desirable to look at. So, owner Shelly Stone had it taken off and bought a new metal door. The metal door didn't quit fit in with the barn wood exterior of the front of the building. This sparked whole new quest among the clientele and the staff. One couldn't just paint it white and leave it! So the conversations began… Shelly and one of the waitresses with an eye for color mentioned that the building did have a green metal roof and a green door would be perfect. That lead to a song that was popular in the 1950's called the “Green Door.” This in turn has lead to many impromptu singing of the song by everyone around the bar area. So there you have it! Silverado's has a Green Door and its secret is the great times and great food that awaits inside…Come and see the Green Door for yourself and enjoy yourself!

contact info
Shelia Lampe
108 N Scott
Piqua, KS 66761
Phone: 620.468.2825
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