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Buster Keaton Hand Painted Tile Sign

Address: 302 S Hill Street
Piqua, KS 66761
Telephone Number: 620.468.2385

About this Exploration:


This hand-drawn and painted tile sign was made and donated by Yates Center artist Bill Linde. Bill made this sign when the museum opened and it was placed on the outside of the building.  The sign was covered with Plexus Glass and encased.  

This precaution soon proved to be a mistake as it caused condensation and some of the tiles flaked off. The sign was taken down and put into storage until Mr. Linde could re-draw, paint and fire new tiles. Unfortunately, Mr. Linde passed away before he could replace the tiles. 

Recently, a local contractor was hired. He restored the sign as best he could and made a beautiful new frame for it. It now hangs in the museum for all to enjoy once again!

contact info
Shelia Lampe
108 N Scott
Piqua, KS 66761
Phone: 620.468.2825
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