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This must be the finest city in NW Kansas. The prime rib at the Prairie Junction is excellent and the park is beautful!
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Cottonwood Ranch

Address: 14432 East Hwy 24
Studley, KS 67740


About this Exploration:

Cottonwood Ranch was originally purchased as 160 acres in 1878 by businessman Abraham Pratt of England. Pratt and his two boys lived in a dugout on the south bank of the South Soloman River the first few years after the purchase. The original house was built in 1885 out of native stone and was one room with an earthen floor and sod-covered roof. After a blizzard that winter that left ice on the inside north wall, the roof was replaced with wood and two other additions added to the east and west sides of the house, making the house what it is today.
The ranch also consists of a sod stable, sod-walled corral, and wooden bathhouse that are still today. In the 1880's a natural spring was modified to to carry water into a cistern at the house, which a pipeline carried to provide running water there.
The Cottonwood Ranch has been re-opened and longtime curator Don Rowlison has announced that visitors are welcome Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. until the end of September.
Cottonwood Ranch was nominated for its association with the settlement of western Kansas and for its architecture and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
Cottonwood Ranch is still owned by the Kansas State Historical Society but is operated by Friends of Cottonwood Ranch, Hoxie, KS.

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Lindsay Bryant
511 Main
Morland, KS 67650
Phone: 785.627.3165
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