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WPA projects

Address: 208 W. Madison Avenue
Iola, KS 66749
Telephone Number: 620.365.9628
Second Telephone Number: 620.365.5252

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Iola's Coon Creek is a one mile WPA project that was built in 1937 to help control flooding.  Coon Creek starts at 803 N. Cottonwood, and winds through Iola from east to west until it gets to the Neosho River. It was constructed using 15,663 square yards of quarried rock and hundreds of hours of back breaking WPA labor.  Iola is very grateful for these laborers as shown in the picture below.  Without Coon Creek, our streets would flood with every big rain!
Additionally, you can go to Riverside Park and see more WPA projects that include the Mustang football field, the river dike that surrounds the park, the big park shelter, and the renovated pool house and pool, which was built inside the WPA pool, the community building that used to be home to the Kansas Army National Guard and the horse shelter that now houses Columbia Metals.
This is a drive by exploration that shows the success of the WPA projects to put people to work during the Great Depression.
Other WPA projects can be seen throughout the city by driving or by taking a special Fearless Fred Trolley ride called, "Discover Iola."  Special tours can be given by calling 620.228.0439 or email to be put on the mailing list for the Fearless Fred Trolley Newsletter (all the scheduled trolley tours are mentioned in the newsletter!)

contact info
Donna Houser
205 E. Madison Ave
Iola, KS 66749
Phone: 620.228.0439
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